Park Glen

April 1st:  ALLSTARS Celebration Meeting
April 2nd: K & 4th Grade Graduation photos
April 2nd: Cheetah Singers Spring Concert 6pm
April 4th: McDonalds Spirit Night
April 9th: STAAR
April 15th-17th:  Spirit Sticks Live Sales
April 19th: Bad Weather Makeup Day/NO SCHOOL
April 22-25th: BOGO Book Fair (Family Night 25th)
​April 25th- PTA General Mtg 6p- YUCK! 
April 26: PGE Field Day


The Park Glen PTA is very active in providing academic enrichment to the students and staff through a variety of programs!


  • Earn great awards for reading books that you love!
  • Promotes a love for reading
  • Enhances reading ability and fluency
  • Completely revamped program!

PGE Reading Olympics is an academic enrichment program that encourages students to increase the quality and quantity of books that they read for enjoyment.  The Reading Olympics program is based upon the belief that good reading habits form the foundation for a productive and successful life!  This is a completely revamped program!! Download the Reading Olympics flyer and Reading Log below.

For more information, please contact Amy Norris at [email protected]


  • Fun way to boost your child's math skills 
  • Rewards and incentives throughout the year!
  • Follow the Calendar on this website for when worksheets are available and when they are due.

CM Schedule 2017-2018.pdf
Cheetah Math Worksheets

Download this week's worksheet.  Due April 5th.

No Cheetah Math this week.  Next  worksheet due Oct 19
 This is not a mandatory program, but it is a great way to boost your child's skills and love of math and earn great rewards and prizes throughout the year!   

For more information, please contact Sarah Borg, m[email protected]
Worksheet is all in one document- Kinder just print pages 1-2, 1st-3-4; 2nd- 5-6; 3rd, 7-8; 4th- 9-10 ​​


PAWS Publishing has been overhauled from previous years to become more of a publication for students to use their creative writing skills to create their own newspaper!  

For more information, please contact Mindi Walker at  [email protected] 


                                                               and   Service 
• Great way for students to have their voice heard and make a difference 

• Build long-lasting leadership skills  

• Open to PGE 2nd –4th Grade Students with paid Student                                           
           and Parent PTA Membership ($7 each) 

• Meeting Dates: 3:15-4:15p on
           Sept 10th, Oct 1st, Nov 5th, Jan 14th, Feb 11th, Mar 4th, Apr 1st  

• Other dates may include special events like Spirit Nights and Movie Night 

The PTA AllStars (Achieving Lasting Leadership Skills Through Advocacy Responsibility & Service) is a dynamic and exciting student leadership program.  Students will have the opportunity, with a paid PTA membership, to participate in and
attend monthly meetings, provide service when needed, and have their voice be heard by the PTA Board. Now in it's third year we've seen how this program positively impacts the lives of our students. We will spend the year working passionately with them to impart long lasting leadership skills in a fun positive learning environment.

To join the PTA ALLSTARS:
1) Sign you and your student(s) up as paid Park Glen PTA members                 AND
2) Complete a PTA ALLSTARS permission form for each of your students wishing to be a part of All-Starsl (this has all the necessary dates as well)


For more information, please contact Adeline Castleberry, [email protected]


       Year Book Order Deadline is February 28th!

Purchase online:

The Pre-order Deadline has passed.

Stary tuned to PGE news and upcoming events for your chance to snag any extra copies we might have.

 The PGE CHEETAH YEARBOOK is a great keepsake for your child's memories here at Park Glen Elementary.  This hardcover book has clubs, classes, and events throughout the year.  There will be a Cover Contest in the Fall to earn your child's drawing on as the front and back cover of the yearbook.  There are also dedications that you can purchase starting in January to show how much you care that will be printed in the pages of the book.  You can purchase the book online or through handouts that will be sent home with your child.  If you have any photos you would like to share during the year, please send your high-resolution/actual size photos to our Chair via email ([email protected]) or by using the app (project number 921690)

For more information, or to share your photos, please contact Melissa Chase, [email protected]
We would love for you to share your photos with us from events, parties and activities at the school!  Just download this free app  and you can share your photos right from your phone! Please make sure that they are high-resolution/actual size!

Image Share for iOS (iTunes store)

Image Share for Android (Google Play store)


  • October 23-31st
  • Amazing Week to promote a Drug Free Life!
  • Activities and Fun Week for Kids!

Red Ribbon Week Themes:
October 22nd  “Put Drugs to Sleep”
                                  Wear PJ’s

October 23rd   “These Paws Don’t Touch Drugs”
                                 Wear school shirt or cheetah print

October 24th   “Winners Don’t Do Drugs”
                                   Wear a team shirt or jersey

October 25th    “From Head to Toe…We are Drug Free” 
                                    Wear crazy socks and hats.  PGE Fun Run Day

October 26th   “Hugs NOT Drugs”
                                   Bring a small stuffed animal to school.



were talking to your customer
Life is your Journey, Travel Drug Free is the 2018 Theme!

What is Red Ribbon Week?  It is a National Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge when parents and educators dedicate their time to talk to our children about the dangers of drug abuse.  We set clear rules for children about not using drugs and set good examples of how to live a drug free life.  Each day of this week will have a fun theme for kids!

For more information, please contact Ali: [email protected]

Arts in Education

For more information:

PTA Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program to encourage artistic creativity in the classroom and at home. Students of all grades and abilities may participate and explore the arts based on the 2018-2019 theme: Heroes Around Me. 

There will be two after school work days in September where your student will have the opportunity to create their artwork.  Look for information to come home soon!
Forms and information are found on the Reflections presentation board on the Cheetah Math Table.  Please visit the website for more information.  For questions, please contact Jennifer Logan.

SUBMISSIONS DUE NOV 1st!! Place submissions in the Reflections Box on the Cheetah Math table.  ***The student or one primary member of the household must be a current PTA member in order to submit an entry for judging.  Sign up today!***

Students may choose one or all of the available arts categories:
 Dance Choreography
 Film Production
 Music Composition
 Visual Arts
 Special Artist


The Environmental program is an educational tool for the school community, teaching the kids about the 3 R’s (Reduce – Reuse – Recycle), while helping the environment and our community. With the crayon collection program we are creating awareness of the human footprint in the environment while assisting a non-profit organization that improves other’s lives.

       ~ Environmental awareness
       ~ Participation in the Crayola Color Cycle program
       ~ Crayon collection

The PGE PTA Environmental Program is dedicated to making our children aware of our local and global environments so that they can become aware of the incredible importance of protecting them for their future and beyond.

For more information, please contact Catalina Leon,  [email protected] 


  • Great way for Dad's to make a presence at PGE!
  • Fun activities and events throughout the year!

​For more information, please contact Brad Fox, [email protected] 

PTA is usually thought of as a Mom's Club... but the Dad's Club at Park Glen Elementary is wanting to change that.  Father's are discovering how important it is to actively participate in their children's educations.  According to a 1997 study by the National Center for Education Statistics, children do better in school when their fathers are involved by earning higher grades and enjoying school more.  The Park Glen PTA celebrates having Dad's involved with fun events that are Dad's and Kid's only!  Mad Science Night, Pizza Night and other events showcase how PGE DAD's ROCK!