2014-2015 Park Glen PTA Executive Board

Position Responsibilities Name
President Directs the affairs of the PGE PTA in cooperation with the PTA Board and the PGE Staff. Holly Wise
1st VP - Publicity Is an aide to the President and is responsible for public relations among the community.  
2nd VP - Membership Implements a program to recruit and establish an informed and involved PTA membership  
3rd VP - Programs Plans entertaining and educational programs for the PGE General Association PTA Meetings.  
4th VP - Fundraising Plans and implements fundraising programs in order  to secure the funds necessary to carry out the work of the PGE PTA.  
5th VP - Volunteers & Room Rep Recruits and places volunteers as needed for school and PTA activities. Mentors/guides classroom parents with organizing various classroom events.  
Secretary Keeps the minutes of the association proceedings and presents the Executive Board report to the General Association.  
Treasurer Serves as custodian of the funds and financial records and receives and disburses all monies of the association.  
Parliamentarian Advises presiding officers on parliamentary law and matters of procedure (Robert's Rules of Order).  
Parent Education Provides educational workshops and handouts to Park Glen Elementary parents.  
Historian Maintains record of PTA-sponsored events and activities.  
Newsletter Oversees compiling, editing, publishing, and distribution of the Park Glen Elementary newsletter.  
Arts in Education Introduces stuents to various art forms to increase cultural literacy.  
Library/Media Provides assistance and support services to the librarian and organizes voluntary academic enrishment programs for the students.  
Book Fair Organizes book fairs to encourage students enrishment through reading; book fair proceeds help provide additional educational materials offerred by the Library/Media Center.  
Environmental Provides programs, projects, and services to promote environmental awareness.  
Projects Implements projects for the enjoyment and physical edification of the students and families.  
Yearbook/Handbook Compiles and distributes the school handbook and yearbooks.  
Legislative Informs the Association of legislative issues affecting the families and staff of PGE.  
Publishing House Encourages students to develop their writing skills through the PAWs Publishing program.  
Health & Safety Promotes health and safety in our school.  
Box Tops Coordinates Box Tops program  
Hospitality Arranges special appreciation events for teachers and staff of Park Glen Elementary.  
Academic Enrichment (Cheetah Math) Coordinates program for weekly extracurricular math enrichment.  
DAD's Club Coordinates DAD club activities  
Council Delegates Represents our local PTA at Council meetings and acts as a liaison between the two.  
Teacher Liaison Acts as liaison between PTA and school staff.
Principal   Leslee Shephard
Assistant Principal    







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